Nuts to do your laundry?

24 Feb

As an owner of a fashion boutique, I am always on the lookout for new, preferably sustainable, brands and products. So when we stumbled upon two very young men with a crazy product, we went totally nuts. Soapnuts I have to say, because that is what their product was all about.

Seems that in Nepal you have actual Soapnut trees. The shells of the nuts contain some kind of soapy substance to discourage uninvited guests from eating them. Hundreds of years ago, some clever people in Nepal (and India I might add) discovered the soapy nuts also serve as a laundry detergent, leaving your laundry fresh and clean…and soft. You can throw away your laundry softener, mind you.

After using the nuts a couple of times, why yes you can actually re-use the nuts, you give them back to nature and they make nice compost for your garden.

I loved the idea so I had to have it. Since I am all about sustainability and keeping my fabrics nice and soft, to me it was the perfect product. You take four nuts, give or take, put them in a small cotton bag (or an old sock, whatever you want) and off you go. Just put everything into the washingmachine. For an extra nice fragrance just pour a few drops of essential oil into the soap dispenser, et voila.

You can use the soapnuts with all colours. However, I would not take a chance with light colours and white. Luckily I found a liquid version of the nuts. This is perfectly safe for your light coloured laundry. Really nasty stains need some extra attention.

Back to the clever young entrepreneurs that sell these soapnuts. Their company is called Seepje. How convenient.

We discovered that there are all kinds of nice things you can make with the nuts besides laundry detergent. Like ointment that is very soft and soothing for sensitive skin. Shaving soap. Use it under the shower to wash your hair and body. You can even use it for cleaning your house. The possibilities are endless and the great thing is: they do not have to cut or harm any trees. The nuts grow on the trees, you harvest them and next season there will be plenty more.

So go nuts and try these soapnuts. I am hooked.



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